[ art for hotel lobbies, guestrooms, common areas. art for restaurants. art for offices. ]



 Art for Hotel Lobbies, Guestrooms & Common Areas.

Art for Restaurants.

Art for Offices.




Anderson's art is perfect for the hospitity industry.

Art for hotel / resort / boutique hotels, lobbies, 

guestrooms & common areas,and restuarants.


As well as art for office spaces. Art or lobbies,

common areas, or medical and commercial offices.



This art is highly effective in reinforcing thematic environments:




Cactus Flower Inn  -  (see desert > cactus & desert flora))


Aspen Room  -  (see mountain > aspen)


Desert Palms Boutique Hotel  -  (see impressions on white > palm)


Mounainview Medical Center  -  (see mountain gallery)


The Water Lily  -  (see tropic > water lily)


Pine Brook Resort  -  (see mountain > pine or impressiions on white > pinecones)


Meadowlands Conference Center  -  (see meadow)


Riverside B & B  -  (see mountain > cattails)


Autumn Inn Hotel -  (see mountain > aspen or foliage)



Use the art from the galleries in this website

or call for custom sizes and consignments.